of Luxury and Security

Morten Rix-Møller, CEO

„IT MEANS everything to me that my drivers and passengers are safe.”

Case: Dansk Limousine Service

Dansk Limousine Service is the first of its kind in Denmark. Since the early days in 1965, the company has grown into being Denmark’s largest limousine service. The company has always built its success on quality and reliability.

CEO of Dansk Limousine Service Morten Rix-Møller says: „Riding a limousine has always been a matter of luxury and security. When you book a driver, you know they will be on time, and they know exactly where to go. You trust the driving experience will be comfortable, and you can get protection from the media and unwanted spectators if needed.“

If a limousine could talk it would tell tales of sunrises on the highway, glittering lights of Copenhagen nights, and thousands of miles with the sound of their wheels against the road as the only soundtrack. Dansk Limousine Service has 50 drivers who operate 30 Mercedes vehicles. Together, they complete more than 25,000 trips a year.

But the spring of 2020 added new challenges. „With the arrival of COVID-19, we need to provide our guests with a new kind of protection. That is why we have chosen to implement Premium Purity™ in all our vehicles.“

An option could have been to install significant plexiglass barriers between the driver and the passengers for protection. However, it does not disinfect – it just blocks aerosol compounds, and it interferes with the luxury and intimate feeling of being a passenger in a limousine. I wanted something that could inactivate the virus and other microbes – not just contain them“, says Morten Rix-Møller.

Premium Purity™ is a sustainable disinfection solution inspired by nature. All surfaces are coated with ACT CleanCoat™. As soon as the coating is exposed to light, it activates photocatalysis, which decomposes dangerous bacteria, viruses, airborne mold spores, and VOCs such as NOX or formaldehyde – without the use of any toxic chemicals.

The result is a limousine where all surfaces are a part of the disinfection process providing a low-bacterial and healthy environment with supreme air quality.

„The feedback from our drivers has been very positive. They feel safe and grateful for this extra step we have taken to keep them healthy. Providing professional tools to our employees is the first step for them to deliver a professional service. It feels great to offer our drivers and passengers a healthy and clean limousine – with an extra layer of security“, adds Morten Rix-Møller.

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