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Case: North Sea Trawler

Few environments are as challenging as those found on a fishing trawler. Fishing is a business in which time is money, and hygiene is of the utmost importance.

ACT.Global was asked by a major Scandinavian fishing company to put Premium Purity™ to the test on board one of their largest ships. It’s an environment where the crew stays at sea for days at a time and works hard around the clock, regardless of the weather conditions. They also have to ensure a clean and safe environment for the crew and its catch.

Therefore, the entire trawler was coated with ACT CleanCoat™ and we introduced cleaning with the environmentally friendly ACT ECA Water.

Most critically, Premium Purity™ was implemented on the production deck, where a fresh catch is divided according to size, quality-controlled, and then transferred to chambers where the fish can be frozen into blocks.

Cleaning the production deck is crucial. Under the old system, it was a more cumbersome process that relied on harsh and corrosive chemicals.

With Premium Purity™, the production deck is now kept clean and anti-microbial through a safe and eco-friendly solution.


DEVELOPMENT of TPC and ATP levels before and after implementation of Premium Purity™

Implementing Premium Purity™ on the entire trawler resulted in a significant reduction of microbial load, keeping it well within the acceptable limit.

Light blue: TPC [CFU/cm²/threshold]
Dark blue: ATP [fmol/threshold]

P1: Before implementation of Premium Purity™
P2: Six weeks after implementation of Premium Purity™
P3: Six months after implementation of Premium Purity™

The move away from harsh chemicals that require protective clothing and masks also means there’s not any longer a need to close the production deck when it’s being cleaned with safe and eco-friendly ACT ECA Water; this boosts efficiency.

This solution is also used in the “buffer tanks” where fish can be stored for hours, lowering the risk of unwanted contamination. The crew disinfects their gloves and boots in an eco-friendly manner before they enter and leave the production area.

Switching to Premium Purity™ has additional environmental benefits, such as eliminating the need for disposing harmful chemicals at the end of every cleaning procedure.

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