Initiative Delivers
Radical Results

Kristina Lampe, Housekeeping manager
Radisson Blu Hotel Hamburg Airport

THE REDUCED WATER consumption exceeds all expectations. In addition, the reduction in cleaning effort and time has had a significant impact.

Case: Radisson Blue Hotel, Hamburg Airport

A growing number of companies have discovered the benefits of introducing sustainability initiatives within their operations. Reducing the use of chemical pollutants and water conservation are two areas where companies can reduce costs and boost brand reputation among customers. The hospitality industry is one sector in particular that can make significant gains, especially when a healthy environment is a key to the success of the business venture.

As one of the most respected hotel brands in the world, the Radisson Hotel Group needs little introduction. After a successful trial with Premium Purity™ at their Copenhagen based hotel, the chain chose to expand the solution to the Radisson Blu Hotel, Hamburg Airport.

During a three-month pilot project at the hotel, Premium Purity™ replaced all conventional disinfection and cleaning products across 37 rooms and the fitness facility at the hotel. The goal was to evaluate the efficiency in the cleaning processes, and the potential reduction of chemicals and water consumption.

The result was a significant reduction in water consumption of at least 15 liters per room (a 60-65% overall reduction). Furthermore, the time needed to clean each room was reduced by one to two minutes (a 15% time saving). All of this occurred without any negative feedback from guests. The cleaning staff only had positive feedback and enjoyed working without protective gear while handling the pH-neutral Premium Purity™ products.

This project demonstrates that independent hoteliers and hospitality groups investing in documented solutions such as Premium Purity™ can deliver real business and environmental benefits. In this case, they also enhanced their brand reputation amongst customers and reduced their operating costs.

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