Bringing Cleanliness
and Comfort Home

After just two months, retirement home Haus zum Fels in Eberstadt is already seeing the benefits of its partnership with ACT.Global.

Although high occupancy rates means that only one level of the facility has implemented Premium Purity™ so far, management has reported a significant reduction of illnesses on that floor compared to other areas.

In fact, the delay in treating the rest of the facility has highlighted the effectiveness of the solution. As well as fewer cases of gastrointestinal infections, residents say that the air quality is notably better and bad odours has been eliminated.

The facility has also installed the ACT ECA System™ for all daily cleaning purposes. As the ACT ECA System™ converts water and salt into a cleaning fluid, the need for toxic chemical disinfectants has been significantly reduced – a great benefit for retirement homes and other similar facilities.

Facility Manager Matthias Herth says that cases of infections are lower than at any other time during the retirement home’s history, and that he has received only positive feedback from residents: ‘Since the coating, we’ve seen much fewer infections, and the complete solution has been very well received by residents and staff,’ said Mr. Herth.

ACT.Global looks forward to completing the treatment of the entire facility in Eberstadt and strengthening our partnership with Haus Zum Fels further by rolling out similar solutions at other sites.