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Premium Purity™ in offices

As the coronavirus pandemic continues its impact on the ways we live, work and play are hard to understate. Those who can’t work from home need to be able to get back to work, and even those of us who can work at home are ready for things to return to normal — or at least to a new normal.

In order to build that confidence, businesses in particular face a new normal that requires us to rethink the way we protect employees throughout the work day.

The coronavirus has shown that the traditional model of nightly cleaning in office spaces is not a sufficient barrier against aggressive viruses. Once a surface has been cleaned, it is immediately susceptible to contamination. If an asymptomatic employee comes to work, everything they touch could transfer their infection to their coworkers the same day before the cleaning crew even arrives.

In the new normal, we need Premium Purity™ to continuously sanitize throughout the day and add extra layers of protection in between cleaning sessions.

With Premium Puritt™ you can welcome employees and guests back to a safe and healthy office with self-disinfecting surfaces and supreme air-quality.

„NOW WE HAVE an eco-friendly and efficient solution that also speeds up the daily cleaning effort. Premium Purity™ not only helped to protect workers from bacteria and other pathogens, but, because it’s eco-friendly, it’s a way that we demonstrate that we are committed to corporate social responsibility. Premium Purity has helped us make our offices healthier.”

Onkar Taware,
General Manager of the Muttha Group of Companies

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ACT CleanCoat™ part of Premium Purity™

Titanium dioxide (TiO₂) is a naturally occurring element that is known for its disinfectant properties when applied to surfaces and activated by light. The TiO₂ interacts with light and humidity to create free radicals that attack microbes such as viruses, bacteria and mold, while also reducing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in the environment. It is safe for human exposure, and currently in use as an additive in toothpaste, sunscreen and other common consumer products.

Unlike other TiO₂ solutions designed for single-surface applications and requiring exposure to UV light, ACT CleanCoat™ is specifically engineered to work on a wide range of hard and soft surfaces, to be activated by visible light, and to remain active for up to a year.

ACT CleanCoat™ is independently lab-certified to kill microorganisms on treated surfaces (and the air that flows around them), demonstrating a better-than 99.99% reduction in viruses, including the coronavirus family, in under five minutes. Its effectiveness meets European Norm standards for virucidal agents, and ACT CleanCoat™ meets all requirements to be available on the European market.

With ACT CleanCoat™ applied to all permanent surfaces in the office, including floors, walls, desks, chairs, monitors and other high-touch areas they all become an active player in the decomposition of viruses and other organic pollutants.

ACT ECA System™ part of Premium Purity™

Premium Purity™ enables the use of electrochemically activated water for daily cleaning. The ACT ECA System™ replaces traditional toxic daily cleaning chemicals with an electro-chemically activated saline solution.

The activation process produces sodium hydroxide and hypochlorous acid, which act as strong degreasing and disinfecting agents, respectively. ECA formulations work in tandem with ACT CleanCoat™ to clean and disinfect surfaces in a totally non-toxic manner. It is also used as a hand-sanitizer.

Because ACT ECA Water is created onsite, it drastically reduces plastic and water usage, as well as the environmental impacts of transporting traditional cleaning agents and adding chemical residuals into the air and water.

In addition to lab and regulatory validation, the combination of ACT CleanCoat™ and ACT ECA System™ — called Premium Purity™ — has proven effective in real-world applications in office, hospitals, hotels, food and beverage preparation, and transportation, where it significantly lowers airborne and surface microbes for up to 12 months.

  • Lindblad Expeditions saw a 50% reduction in gastrointestinal illness on its flagship National Geographic Explorer cruise ship following the implementation of Premium Purity™, along with eliminating the need for toxic cleaning chemicals and significant reductions in water usage.
  • A major-brand hotel saw dramatic reductions in surface microbes (including on desktops, toilets, showers, bedside tables and door handles) following the implementation of Premium Purity™. In the case of showers, the microbial load fell from 38 colony forming units (CFU) per cm2 to 0. All tested surfaces remained below the recommended maximum CFU/cm2 threshold for a full 12 months.
  • A hospital in Denmark reported a 97.9% reduction in surface microbes compared to traditional cleaning protocols, and observed 100% reductions in instances of listeria and salmonella. Premium Purity also had a significant effect on air cleanliness, with the hospital reporting a 74.3% reduction in airborne microbes following implementation.

While ACT ECA Water is more powerful than even bleach, it is completely safe and employees will be able to use it for touch-up cleaning and disinfecting during the day as well.

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