Premium Purity™

Food Processing

At ACT.Global, we want to save lives by protecting humans and animals from damaging microbes and harmful organic chemicals.

Thus, we have copied nature’s own disinfection methods and created an effective and sustainable disinfection solution that has been combined with scientific verification. We call this solution Premium Purity™.

When Premium Purity™ has been implemented in your facilities, the coating actively decomposes bacteria, viruses, and harmful volatile organic compounds. This creates a healthier indoor environment with supreme air quality.

Once coated, daily cleaning is performed with a fluid that is produced on site by using only water and salt. Case studies from an international-sized slaughterhouse show a significant reduction in bacterial load and use of toxic chemicals, water, and plastic.

We look forward to bringing Premium Purity™ to your facility for the benefit of your guests, your staff, and the environment.

ACT CleanCoat™ showed a good anti-bacterial effect. We observed a significant microbiological drop between 50-60% in the first 3 weeks of the test in the broiler stable.

It is expected that the technology will have a similar, or even better, effect in pig farms as the dust particle density is lower in a pig stable, allowing for more light to activate the coated surface.

* Sub-conclusion after the first three weeks of testing.

BENEFITS for Food Processing

Long-term protection against microbes 

Documented reduction of microbes, such as bacteria and viruses, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and airborne mold spores.

Return on investment

Savings on water consumption, better use of manpower and equipment, as well as lower machinery maintenance costs. Premium Purity™ also allows for higher capacity utilization (e.g. shorter cleaning cycles, reduced machinery maintenance), and lower QA rejection rates.


Premium Purity™ helps our planet by saving toxic chemicals, water, and plastic. To have a further positive environmental impact, ACT.Global cooperates with recognized NGOs, such as Plastic Change.

Core process benefits 

Improved hygiene process control, leading to a reduced risk of contamination from microbes such as bacteria (including listeria and salmonella), viruses, and airborne mold spores.

Working environment 

Reduced need for protective equipment. Improved and simplified working routines and cleaning protocols maintain better working conditions for cleaning personnel.

Brand enhancement 

The Premium Purity™ message corresponds well with today’s consumers’ sustainability requirements. With Premium Purity™, clients can promote their efforts to protect employees and visitors as well as the environment.

BRANDING Premium Purity™

We can help you leverage Premium Purity™ as a branding tool both internally and externally.

The Premium Purity™ symbol is a quality stamp that assures customers that your ship is low-microbial and uses sustainable disinfection and cleaning. It also demonstrates that your vessel is saving toxic chemicals, water, and plastic.

See more in the Premium Purity™ Branding Kit


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