Premium Purity™ Moving
into Shared Office Spaces

Flight disruptions, fewer tourists, lost work hours, and missed school days have come to portray India’s struggles with toxic air quality in its capital city. The subsequent costs are adding up for an economy grappling with a sharp slowdown.

Poor air quality is also an issue on a more local level where more building managers are seeing the benefits of implementing Premium Purity™ in shared business accommodation.

One example of this can be seen in the Muttha Chambers in Pune, India. There, a number of international brands, including American Express, share office space within a single communal building.

„We have now implemented Premium Purity™ in this office space for the benefit of all.“

 General Manager of the Muttha Group of Companies, Onkar Taware, said that „Premium Purity™ not only helped to protect workers from bacteria and other pathogens, but, because it’s eco-friendly, it’s a way that companies can demonstrate that they’re committed to corporate social responsibility: Premium Purity has helped us make our offices healthier. Now we have an eco-friendly and efficient solution that also speeds up the daily cleaning effort.“

Premium Purity™ is comprised of two separate systems working in synergy: a coating designed to inactivate harmful microbes and a non-toxic cleaning system. It is practical for use in almost every type of company and business facility.

Premium Purity™ is an excellent choice for facility managers looking to attract more businesses into shared office space and provide them with a healthy indoor environment.

Which is why it’s now becoming a popular choice for facility managers looking to attract more businesses into shared office space.