Premium Purity™

Premium Purity™ has an established process that ensures that the client’s hygiene targets are achieved and maintained, allowing for smooth implementation.

Premium Purity™ is especially beneficial to industries where low-microbial environments are important such as in health care, hospitality, food processing, and beverage production.

THE 5 STEPS of Implementation

Establishing targets

Together, we identify and define pain points and hygiene targets. Next, ACT.Global starts project planning, including timeline and costs.


ACT.Global conducts base line testing to determine the facility’s initial hygiene levels. The client (or an external partner) performs a thorough cleaning of the facilities before coating with ACT CleanCoat™. ACT.Global monitors the process.


A trained professional coats the premises with ACT CleanCoat™. ACT.Global installs ACT ECA Generators to produce ACT ECA Water for daily operations. ACT.Global introduces new products and cleaning protocols through education, hand-out materials, and training.


The client (or the client’s cleaning company) performs daily cleaning with the ACT ECA System™.

Premium Purity has tremendous global perspectives”

Helge Sander,
Former Danish Minister of Science, Technology and Development
and Premium Purity™ Ambassador