VISUAL Identity System


ACT.Global’s Premium Purity™ reduces people’s exposure to microbes, airborne mold spores, VOCs, and NOx. We are not just selling a solution, we also bring peace of mind to our clients.

Our visual identity system has been created to ensure visual consistency for our brand, Premium Purity™. Please adhere to this guideline and help us create a brand that is professional, high-end, and amicable.

As we are a new brand, there will be some areas of design that will not have been covered fully by this document. Therefore, you will need to have everything approved by HQ before going public.

Please send all locally produced materials for approval to our Marketing Director: Tobias Ambs-Thomsen,, phone +45 6025 3022

Primary color scheme

The Premium Purity™ color palette is rather simple. Besides the golden color of the logo, we have defined a dark blue that makes the logo stand out beautifully.

Premium Purity™ Gold
Pant. Pantone Gold Ink – PMS 871 | CMYK – | RGB – | Hex –

Premium Purity™ Blue
Pant. Pantone 5255 | CMYK 100/90/0/70 | RGB 0/0/67 | Hex 000043

Secondary color scheme

The color scheme is supplement with three secondary colors that are imported from ACT.Global’s color scheme.

Pant. – | CMYK 0/0/0/0 | RGB 255/255/255 | Hex ffffff

ACT Blue
Pant. 2995 | CMYK 85/3/0/0 | RGB 0/164/205 | Hex 00a4cd

Pant. Black | CMYK 10/10/0/100 | RGB 0/0/0 | Hex 000000

ACT Pink
Pant. 225 | CMYK 0/80/0/0 | RGB 239/91/161 | Hex ef5ba1


Premium Purity™ uses Lato as its primary font. It is beautiful, available in many variations, web-compatible, and free. You can download it here:

Stay Bold

Premium Purity™ also has a display font, Stay Bold. Stay Bold is used to make the design more personal and living. The font is used in the first words of headlines, and always with capital letters. Stay Bold is a company font that can be found and downloaded from SharePoint.

International alternatives

If you need a font that is not part of the Latin or Cyrillic alphabet you may find a free google font that resembles Lato in visual expression. Please have the chosen font approved by HQ before using it. Thank you.

The photo style – a uniform appearance

At ACT.Global, we like our pictures to be large and interesting. As we are in the business of sustainable disinfection, nature is one of our favorite objects.

No matter the object, our pictures always have an interesting angle. We see things from interesting angles; top view, ultra close-up, and mostly with a lot of calm copy space.

Below are some examples of our photo style.

Making the complicated simple

Statistics and graphs are essential. They make our invisible products visible – and Premium Purity™ is built on science and facts.

We always strive to use thin lines in our visual representations and, if possible, to stay within our primary colour scheme. However, understanding precedes visual design.



Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or comments:

Tobias Ambs-Thomsen
Marketing Director

phone: +45 60 25 30 22